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Heroic Fashion: Designing for Queens, Heroes, and Warriors

Event date  August 5–9, 2019
Event time  8:30AM–4:00PM 
Event location  MoPOP
Ages Grades 4–6

What makes a hero? A warrior? A trickster? Where do these archetypes come from and how do we recognize them? Join us at MoPOP for a hands-on exploration of archetypes and fashion! You’ll investigate archetypes in our museum exhibits, learn the basics of fashion design and construction, and develop and create your own archetype-inspired garment using unconventional materials, found objects, and recycled components alongside traditional fabrics and techniques. You’ll present your final designs at a fashion show in MoPOP!

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$375 | $350 MoPOP members

Limited availability: Only 15 remain!

Youth (5-17) ($375.00)
Member: Youth (5-17) ($350.00)